"Nicolas Martin embraces the beauty and stillness of liminal space that is very familiar to each of our minds. His paintings draw the viewer in and give you a sense of nostalgia. 

They evoke a warm and comforting feeling of both past and present" says Principle Gallery director Frank Conrad Russen. 

"I think it's the word that best represents my work and the way I paint" Martin says of the exhibition's title Intimacy. 

"For me, intimacy has long been represented by a woman getting out of her bath and painter by Edgar Degas, but I think there can be intimacy at any time and in many circumstances.

 Intimacy is a privileged moment. It may be an isolated moment in a scene that does not feel intimate or a lonely interior where I invite the viewer to be part of it"

- American Art Collector Magazine. Issue Nov 2022 -

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